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Without representing a number of guns produced in that lot; and the year of manufacture marked on the weapon, the prefixes are just "there".

Cyrillic is cool to see on some examples, but I don't know what it means on a Makarov, so my brain just falls asleep...

If you run across a way to date IJ-70s (sans manual) and Chinese type 59 ZZs by the serial number, please let me know.

Using advanced search on Gun Boards can give one a virtual plethora of info to glean from.

Bulgaria The Bulgarian Arsenal Makarovs are the only ones that are currently being imported into the country.

Serial # prefixes, generally considered lot codes, don't get a lot of discussion because the commies kept production numbers to themselves.

The East Germans kept good records, but the published list for EG Mak prefixes is incomplete, as examples show up not listed.

I've recently been searching and cannot find the information that was listed on the old site regarding country of origin ID markings.

For example, I'm trying to find for each country how they marked their serial numbers etc.

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Note that this table is not complete and there appears to be a sequential pattern, so don't panic if yours doesn't fit into the ones listed.

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