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For more information on this see the following Tech Net documentation: Configure Automatic Updates by Using Group Policy In case you are using a registry modification or local policy make sure that the same is applied.The registry location where the WSUS server configuration is stored is below: You can find more details on how you can use scripts to configure the WSUS settings from the following link: you have made sure that the WSUS settings are configured correctly you can move on to next step.2017/08/21 .6648447 8212 13324 Com Api ISus Internal:: Disconnect Call failed, hr=8024000C 1600/12/31 .000004 Unknown( 137): GUID=0f22da1d-06e3-e1a8-2171-cbf97a2c8f52 (No Format Information found).1600/12/31 .000004 Unknown( 137): GUID=0f22da1d-06e3-e1a8-2171-cbf97a2c8f52 (No Format Information found).

The WSUS client agent may not report to the WSUS server for many reasons.1600/12/31 .00000 Unknown( 145): GUID=8a318093-059a-e9ef-ab03-c2350e726c5f (No Format Information found).1600/12/31 .00000 Unknown( 262): GUID=0f22da1d-06e3-e1a8-2171-cbf97a2c8f52 (No Format Information found).If yes then you can run the proxycfg command to check the win http proxy settings.For more information on the proxycfg command you can check the following link: of the clients will have the proxycgf utility but if not then you can download it here: KB830605 – The configuration tool is available for Win HTTP 5.1 If you are finding proxy errors then what you can do is go to Internet Explorer – LAN Settings and configure the correct proxy and make sure you can reach the WSUS URL specified.

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