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The app has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, releasing a flurry of changes to improve the platform.

They’ve mostly managed to stay out of the Facebook-related privacy concerns during all of this, much to their credit.

My other question is, what data does the server files save as compared to the data that is saved in the local appdata/roaming/7days folder?

Does the Appdata/roaming folder files only save your character info?

It's the quick and dirty method but it works flawlessly. I want to try and understand all of this so we don't sink a lot of time into this game and get our files duped. Here are the steps I have taken to back up the server and current version of the game: I went into the steamapps/common folder (which is NOT my C drive - its a separate drive) and copied both the regular 7 Days To Die folder and the 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server folder and pasted them both elsewhere on the drive and labled the folder 7 Days To Die - v17.1 alpha.

In C:\Users\xxxxx\App Data\RoamingDays To Die I have a 'Saves' folder, a 'Saves Local' folder, a file, and a file.

The 7Dt D Mod Launcher also has the option to do much the same for any previous versions of the game (back to A10.4), leaving the main Steam files untouched. When A17e drops that will be something people will have to opt into if they want to try it out. After about 3-4 weeks of experimental feedback the developers will push out A17 stable which will automatically download for anyone who did not do as Sylen outlined above.

I did a google search and came across this post wondering how I too could prevent an update.

Inside the 'Saves Loca'l folder is a folder with a bunch of random letters and numbers. Now, inside the C:\Users\xxxxx\App Data\RoamingDays To Die\Saves folder, I have a file, a file, and a folder labled 'Navezgane' (which is the map we play on - not random gen).

Inside that folder is a file called (which has the IP address we use to connect to our server in it). Inside the Navezgane folder, I have a folder of files for a local game I play by myself, and then a folder that has our server name on it.

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