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Watch Joan Jett in an interview with the legendary David Letterman in 1987 below: Joan Jett was born on 22 September 1958, now of age 58. If you look back at her rocking years, she has been rather youthful looking throughout.

Carmen Electra and Joan Jett who have been together for about a year, seem to have wound up their relationship.

Joan Jett’s appearance at the 75th Anniversary USO Armed Forces Gala had everyone talking about her taut facial skin and smooth cheeks.

Typically, as a person ages, their cheeks will start to sag. Could her taut facial skin be due to multiple facelifts?

She met producer and performer Kenny Laguna, who would become her lifelong songwriting partner, manager, producer and best friend. We still have all the rejection letters; 23 of them.

So they didn't only miss one, they missed four hits And we'd get a lot of, 'Drop the guitar, stop hiding behind the guitar, change your image, sing softer songs.

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