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So, do we really think TV producers who only care about ratings are going to set up contestants who (most of them) only care about their 15-minutes of fame?

Do the contestants think this really is their “one shot at true love'?

She continued an IVF treatment and gave birth to five more children in four pregnancies including a twin.

Even after having six kids, Nadya continued her IVF treatment. Michael transferred twelve embryos-departing from the medical standard.

However, the duo separated four years later in the year 2000.

The show, set to debut in the fall, is yet another TV dating show, but this time with celebrities.

Only, it won’t be celebrities dating celebrities (which the tabloids have under control).

Instead the show will attempt to match “Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrities” with non-celebrity singles.

Where the Octomom comes into the mix, I can only imagine.

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