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Macdonald thinks the dynamic Klein described has continued apace, and now the ratio is something like 500,000 to five.

At brunch, he cited the ’70s stand-up Robert Klein as saying that when he started, there were 50 stand-ups, and five were funny; suddenly, there were 500 comedians, and five were funny.Jon Stewart described him to me as “a master of stand-up”; David Letterman, who is credited as “special counsel” on Macdonald’s new show and helped sell it to Netflix, likened him to a “pitcher with five out pitches.”“In my mind, I’m just a stand-up,” Macdonald said at brunch, interrupting his thought to thank the waitress for bringing his eggs. In conversation, he seems to make a point of following other people’s remarks with notes of encouragement, saying “that’s interesting” or “exactly right.” Even on the set of his own show, he speaks quietly, almost to the point of diffidence. L.’ is doing stand-up now.”Two decades later, he has yet to recapture the fame he enjoyed when he left that show.He looms at over six feet, though, and he has that voice — flat but resonant, drawn, the comedy version of Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs.” He continued: “But other people don’t think that. To his thinking, though, he has moved steadily closer to his own ideal of what comedy can or should be.When was the last time you saw a lapel mic instead of a hand-held one, much less a duo or a musical act?The combination of strong audience presence and clearly defined expectations in stand-up encourages comics to try to subvert those expectations.

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His manager dismissed this concern.“That loony tunes? “It would be easy to walk in with a gun and kill one of them,” he said. The Netflix representative became deeply interested in a point somewhere in the middle distance, and Hoekstra said “By all outward appearances, stand-up is thriving.

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