Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

There you have it…”I used to quote the above as a comical first analogy when I had not been in Taiwan very long, but it still acts as a good lead in to some of the key aspects of the Taiwanese female and Taiwanese character in general. One of the things you do is remember how she is a downtrodden little Asian and you feel sorry for her because she has been pushed into this terrible position. Asians are prepared to go to far greater levels of service than we are – Things that we won’t do because we view as impinging upon our rights, they will just do without thinking.

Taiwan gradually liberalised and the newly acquired freedom of expression laid ground for many Taiwanese girls to become active in the fields of music, arts, fashion and beauty.Many Taiwanese girls seem to have garnered a reputation for being hard to please.Yet, just as when talking about any particular demographic within Asia, or elsewhere for that matter, given that there are several million women in Taiwan it’s hard not to overly generalise about Taiwanese girls.Some positive points about dating Taiwanese girls which I’ve heard and seem to reoccur include: So, there we have it: two sides to the same subject, two distinct views of Taiwanese girls!One set of views quite negative, the other positive…

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So the only way to find out is to try first hand—get to know a few Taiwanese girls at work or at play and find out which one of the often portrayed female is true.

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