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At one point, I bent over and shook my butt cheeks backward. I thrusted my hips forward and my cock swung upwards before falling back down and then I spun it in a circle. On one occasion I gave the camera an extra close up view of my ass as I shook it side to side.While on another, I spun my cock around right in front of the web camera.

I did not think about it until one Saturday morning when I was feeling especially bored and horny.I filled out a profile including putting down my location and added a picture of myself.Just in case anyone wanted to send me a donation, I linked it to an online pay account I had previously used to bid on an online auction site.I started thinking about what it must be like to be in front of a camera like that, knowing people are getting turned on while watching you.The thought of making a smutty video of myself rubbing my big prick while cute girls watched and fingered themselves definitely had an erotic appeal to me.

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