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Prince Philip and their entourage for a fogr-day visit to Ottawa, completed a mm utely-Bcheduled flight from Lon- don In 13S hours HTANtl AKD KI. yellow and blue royal alandard flapped from a staff affixed to the fuselage. The smilingly radiant Queen emerged onto the tamp, closely followed hy her husband as Ihe last notes of the RCAK rttrona linn trumpeters' fanfare died away across the vast flatness of 'the hig airport ORKAT P. RN'KSS ' A quirk look about, and the Queen desi'ended the steps of ifhe ramp with dignity and V^t, 'with a seeming great eager-l ness, to step onto ground ahe[ last trod as the Prince** Ehaa ' beth six years ago She wore a full skirted satin I afternoon drev* m shade* i)f| red. Itirl Ml r** li Hlirin The •-'••• 1 ..:,..,, .» ■ ■; • •: i annual hanipiei in 'no ’Aoiiun SI NMXT \M MONDW — .5 TO 9 P. In Business For YOUR Health \S A (i KANU FIN \IK TO OFK CLOSING-OUT SALE Ahnve evervihing fixe is : fire*-' tip Mon di UR 'i**ie. the respectful anil admiring affection for Her Maiesly and her Consm-l which will rhararterize the nation-wide response of her subjects tomorrow will tranv'enilht* high ceremonies of stah’ 1 z»mi; ago Queen Elizabeth and Prime Philip won the heuii-i of the Canadian [xfople. re|M‘at «»f symphony Music (h'OU[) Meets Tndav w A new attempt to turn teen users ranri nihris' in V’icioiia from rra’k 'n' roll to Rach- m.ininoff bi'piii' in Ihe Y. providiric we do not iripple what industry we alrradv have oi honow Iiki tieavlly to pio Mde ' - right h;--*'' tor fti Ulie reach a R .‘*i . 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Ti Hcl f’lhnis m Afiinru ihn oxhihitinn will ^how stages in Ihe lives of plants from '*'0(1 lo plant, and rvplain com- plicalcii plant Jifp pi-i MV* ^ n will ia ••■a tilvan'aia af aiu i Bta piaa ebaea « lui STIMl I. t ito howevru , leel lliat as ■ memb(*r of I'arh^ meni it is my duly lo he z--i well informed «*- [Sissdde on rnattcis which have great lance to mir counlr:- Kinallv. to ihe peini where lumheimen and tnirr;* aie wondeiuig )u-si who they are wm Khtg tor Ihemselv - Mr Bennett and hts -.. not to mention 1* i .= -id new prorev.^e^ ,if jftnni:::; 'll..- of levenup. ■* 2 rant« have hren given t" se'riai c Uv avmphoniea «nd -‘jrl Journals hnwevei they ll lie quu k to put in an oar A coon*:! iarn wideh -f ilied smaller grant* instead of big ones p- a llm Uetl number of heneficiane* this will be a g'vod thing Belter to seep the a C' Into Canadian (onsi Hoiisnesa hy spreading a "'aiance well around D--n to . Kirn wevi We ha*.»‘ in Uir saddle in HC today a man wh^i m;- 'Hi’ ; snpei--le«mafi iin hued wnh nnv as a leading area of this rondnent anct the Commonwealth Theie pnthinfi wumg with this •^imep Unn. — did rh'.s Is the age of cre Mi«nv» foi "tirsi.v hut let ujv not lo-w ....i IH'rspective. (■on-seriurnllv It is nni c-timalr*rl n-.i.t of Die new to Icp Hi'l Die nnexpe* 'c-l S iijjii ^nd II will be msde ! t----' would he a g-idsend for both the svmphonv orihestra and the srt gallery, each of which lan do w IDi »of Tie fmanriat help It wou:d etchi- their direciois lo sleep tn pe i-e a’ nights and tn'jrea^e the con tnhiition 'an be made to ihe (iiv r artist U life. .'ncenlrate the latter on a few rhosen medium* Anv -ttv of niltural mark actrj Viroiria vl one should share in (be shate-uut to the imm: llr Klsh ( ‘durntdan Overland 1 Transit lannol NVby should Ih*- a *'M tl-ljf: Arr thorp any roally Rood, courtoou'- oar drivors m ■ of patil.'f If .;r. 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