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Apologies for the softness of some of the pictures above - they will be replaced in due course. Power amp chassis 1494, recorded above, is the highest so far.The cab was set up by JMI for a tilt-back trolley, the upper chrome sections of which still remain. If we assume 300 chassis were assigned to SFBs and perhaps 300 to Supremes, then the highest serial number (on the back panel) will have been 1300 or so.

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Meet Caroline and Nick, a married couple in their 30s who live in a metropolitan city on the East Coast.

Nick works in finance, and Caroline is self-employed.

It brought up a lot of complicated questions: Could Caroline still say that she paid her way through college if her husband actually paid for a third of it?

What did it say about her as a wife if she accepted her husband’s offer to pay for her?

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I feel like our kid is probably going to have a more luxurious childhood than I had, for sure.

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