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Some think so, some think not, but these looming questions are ones that we should probably start to figure out now before the robots are in every home, as we scramble to understand what’s what when it comes to robot love.

Later when i caught him alone I asked him why that was and after a bit of back and forth he came out with the following: His virtual business was: he was renting out virtual avatars for virtual sex.What rights will they have and what rights will their owners have?Should digisexuality be recognized like the other sexual orientations are?There has already been a documented case of at least perceived discrimination, with Akihiko Kondo saying on record that he believes he has suffered discrimination from those who’ve criticized his choice to have a relationship with a robot.The man feels that he has been discriminated against, largely because people haven’t recognized his marriage to a robot as legitimate.

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All in all he did not make the amount of money he expected.

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