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This works with texts and emails, too – but make sure you send them to the right person, and remember that your employer has the right to access your work email.Masturbation, by yourself or with your partner, can be a bonus for your sex life.But a simple massage that doesn't lead to sex can also work wonders for your sex life.A non-sexual massage will familiarise (or refamiliarise) you with your partner's body, reduce stress, and reaffirm the intimacy between you.If you've never thought about using sex toys before, how do you feel about trying them? You don't have to spend a fortune on toys – you can get creative.Soft hair brushes can feel great against the skin, and making your own games up can be fun. There are many books that have exercises and ideas to help you achieve a fulfilling sex life, whatever your age, gender, sexual orientation or taste. We live in a life where everyone and everything is interconnected. More often than not, its over-bearingly too complicated for us to hold on, by ourselves. Should in our life, we expect some sort of extension on other people's kindness and generousity, especially at the times when we felt we need it most?

From earlobes to ankles, hairline to hips, pirates to picnics, don't be afraid to talk about them.At least, maybe we ourselves feel strongly about it, in our own expectations on how the world should evolve. At least, a little while longer than I should have the last time. My father, for over twenty years keeps reminding me "Paddle your own boat! This happened before and every now and then, keeps coming back. Especially in the materialism world of cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur today.Again, should we evolve around the world or otherwise? My best friend used to remind me, "You are the sort of soldier who I want to be with in a fox hole at the front lines".For specifics, read more about keeping your vagina clean and how to wash your penis.Sex with a loving partner can be one of the most beautiful and intense experiences in life.

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Exploring your own body and sexual responses means you can share this knowledge with your partner.

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