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While obtaining an ingredient for the serum, Macy learns about a "black blob" that escaped from the university lab.Maggie increasingly finds that her power makes it difficult to have a social life.The girls craft a plan to find the Harbinger, but when Maggie uses magic to throw a party at their house, she persuades them to use it as an opportunity to lure it out.

It follows the lives of three sisters—Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery)—who, after the death of their mother, discover they are The Charmed Ones, the most powerful trio of good witches, who are destined to protect humankind from demons and other dark forces in their fictional college town of Hilltowne, Michigan.

The protection spell fails, exposing Angela's presence; Macy, a virgin, uses her own blood to lure it outside.

The binding spell fails (due to the consequences of Maggie using magic for personal gain) and Mel casts a forbidden spell to defeat Angela, nearly killing Macy as well.

Macy introduces herself to Maggie and Mel as their older half-sister, and the three are then brought before Harry Greenwood, who introduces himself as their "Whitelighter" and explains that they are witches and that their mother had been trying to undo the binding spells she placed to hide their powers before she was killed.

He gives them 48 hours to decide whether to accept their powers or return to their original lives.

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After Macy helps Maggie exorcise a demon from her ex, Brian, they realize that everything Harry told them is true.

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