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This module uses the , if specified, must be a string naming the encoding used by the XML data.

Expat doesn’t support as many encodings as Python does, and its repertoire of encodings can’t be extended; it supports UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1 (Latin1), and ASCII. When namespace processing is enabled, element type names and attribute names that belong to a namespace will be expanded.

It's designed to be a self-contained, easily embedded parser that recognizes a useful subset of the XML spec.

It provides a simple mapping from xml to lisp structures or s-expressions and back.

Since XMLS was first released it has gained some additional complications/features.

In particular: Parsed xml is represented as a nested lisp structure, unlike in the original version, where it was a lisp list.

The attributes are presented in the order found in the document text.

For each attribute, two list entries are presented: the attribute name and the attribute value.

Xmls is a small, simple, non-validating xml parser for Common Lisp.Called if the XML document hasn’t been declared as being a standalone document.This happens when there is an external subset or a reference to a parameter entity, but the XML declaration does not set standalone to Content models are described using nested tuples.Each tuple contains four values: the type, the quantifier, the name, and a tuple of children.Children are simply additional content model descriptions.

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The element name passed to the element handlers Returns the input data that generated the current event as a string.

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