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As long as the validation window is still open, when you click the tray icon again and select "script paused" to unpause, the script should pick right back up.9) When the script finishes, it will automatically exit (and its tray icon will disappear).Check your logging directory for a list of games that validated without issue.After a few second delay, the next game will validate.

run this overnight or while you're at work, not clicking around on the computer.

I can vouch for it being safe, but I wouldn't trust a random person on the Internet either.

If you want to be safe, use the au3 script version above.

Note: Pausing the script will not take effect until the current game hits 100% validation, at which point the validation window will stay on screen.

Do not close the validation window, or the script will keep waiting for the window, which is now nonexistent, to hit 100%, and will therefore not resume.

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:-)7) Now, sit back and watch (again, I would recommend against using your computer, as the wrong window might be closed if you click at just the right time as the validation hits 100% for a game, or you might cover up the screenshot of a game's validation results) as your games start validating one by one.

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