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You want to fall in love and share your life with a committed partner. You want to fall in love and share your life with a committed partner. By nature, most people are reluctant to admit that finding a suitable mate may require assistance.

(collectively Valenti) for general, special, and treble damages based on allegations of fraud and statutory violations of Civil Code section 1694 et seq. Jur.3d, Contracts, section 133, pages 421 to 422, discussing specialized types of contracts that must meet certain statutory standards in order to be valid (e.g., a broker's listing contract, or contracts entered into by a school board, city, or county).

in the individual matchmaking consulting agreements sold to them by Valenti. Rptr.2d 875, 926 P.2d 1061.) We address respondents' defenses against the enforcement of illegal contracts, and further, the public policy preferences for enforcing arbitration agreements where appropriate, such as cases in which fraudulent inducement of an agreement is alleged. These rules apply to those situations:“A statute prohibiting the making of a particular kind of a contract except in a certain manner renders such contract void if made in any other way.

Section 1694 et seq., referred to here as the dating service statutes, prescribe certain standards and language that must be included in dating service contracts. (Ibid.) We conclude that under California law, these “consulting agreements” are part of a small class of contracts regulated by specific statutes that expressly render nonconforming contracts void and unenforceable. FACTUAL AND PROCEDURAL BACKGROUNDRespondents individually entered into three-year “consulting agreements” (the agreements) with Valenti for matchmaking services. Where the statute prescribes the only mode by which the power to contract is to be exercised, that mode is the measure of the power.

Founder Irene Valenti is renowned for pioneering the high-end matchmaking industry with her unique blend of Matchmaking in the European Tradition, modern personal touch, and unparalleled expertise.

Tell us about yourself and the person you are seeking and find out why so many of the world’s most eligible single men and women have trusted Valenti with the most important area of their life.

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