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There are other fragment groups using different package management types, but they are insignificantly minor in comparison.

Among the three groups, RPM and DEB are by far the most popular and several other groups have been derived from them.

and almost a thousand updated packages into Cauldron for Mageia 7!

Watch this space, we said – well, your patience is soon to be rewarded!

Releasing the Mageia 6 updates for QT5, KF5, Plasma, KDE and LXQt has just been approved. To help reduce the chance of users trying to install the updates from a mirror that hasn’t been fully updated, the hdlist generation will be held for 24 hours after the updates are pushed from updates testing to the updates repository.

You can also refer to the official site and help files for more information on other commands and switches.

Of course, if you do not want to use the command line, you can always revert to graphical software manager, available via the Control Center.

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The next step will be to retest upgrading from Mageia 5 KDE to Mageia 6 Plasma, so we can turn the flag back on to allow upgrading using mgaapplet.

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