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IF YOUR TRS2006 TRAINZ BUILD NUMBER IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN 2761 THIS PATCH WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.To identify your build number, double click on your Trainz desktop icon, and from the Launch Menu select Launch Trainz Start.-Buffer stops and other 'rail-end' assets will once again stop slow moving vehicles.-Rippling water effect is once again functioning under Open GL on ATI cards. -Some graphical artifacts in built-in content fixed. -Better support for txt in CCP -trainzutil can now export from a config file without opening it for edit -Some small improvements made to sound and particle systems RELEASE NOTES We recommend reading and following the Installation Guide at the end of these notes.SP1 INSTALLATION GUIDE With the release of Service Pack 1 for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 we have prepared this guide for applying SP1 to your Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 installation.

Following is a list of items addressed by SP1 and the accompanying release notes.Also when a route is opened in "read-only mode" no changes will be saved. The "exit to Trainz" command is for when Trainz isn't already running.If you start Trainzmap from within Trainz, you need only alt tab to switch back to Trainz."View mesh technical details" will not return any useful information on aliased items or items which do not reference a mesh.Exiting from CMP while downloading an asset from the Download Station, then attempting to launch CMP and continue to downlowd will result in the message, "Server Full." This is due to the fact that your original FTP session is still active and you will need to wait for it to time out, approx. Driver: To disable the rail joint (clickety clack) sound add the following to -disablerailjointsound Trainzmap: If a route is opened for editing in Surveyor after having been sent to Trainz Map, the two programs are using *two different copies* of the route and no change on one side will be effected on the other.

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