Updating the navigation system software in a 2016 nissan altima

You may not realize it but just about EVERY OEM charges for map updates, even during the warranty period.If you're deciding to never buy a Nissan vehicle again solely because they don't provide map updates for free, you'll never be able to buy a new vehicle from any OEM in the future!If the CPU in the radio has a corrupt install, the radio would need to be removed to have the hard drive erased and re-writen with the new software. Navtech has been Nissan & Infiniti's navigation supplier since the early 2000's.Either way, the radio will need to be removed and sent out to be repaired to correct your issue I am to Nissan dealership for trouble with the navigation system display that goes on and off, after few times doing that it went dead, The screen display the radio, heat and cooling so I am with out control.2012 Nissan Rogue SD map update is 9, on sale for . In the future, I advise to do your own research or ask on forums, there are many helpful people here that can confirm things for you.2012 Chrysler Town & Country map update for all three systems are 9. It's unfortunate that your dealership's sales dept misled you, I agree with darylzero, take it up with the dealership. Sprocket, I did try and negotiate free map updates when I purchased the car but I was mislead by the dealerships sales manager and the salesman when told they were free.Asking a salesman what a valve setting is for an engine would be since they are not mechanics.

Hyundai took me away I understand that you are pissed, but this is not Nissan's fault. Try talking to the manager there and tell them what the sales d*** said to you.

People get factory systems even though they're more expensive because they don't want to have to use suction cups, hide it away everytime they park so no one breaks in to their car, deal with turning down volume on stereo to hear prompts, etc.

Pulled prices from but Ebay and some dealers may have them for cheaper.

If they don't give you the update for free and nothing less, then tell them you will be contacting Nissan USA. 3f23d4c772 Then sell it on ebay for the same price when done Of course I would accept nothing less than free updates from your Nissan dealership. You have to input an activation code in order to use the updated maps.

This would cost the dealer 0 dollars as I believe it's just updated from an SD card. The nav map system won't work without an SD card in the slot, and once you've activated the update, you'll need to keep the new card in the slot.

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