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In one of the pictures, you can see my tablet, some Ikea led lights and the speaker amp/control.Of course I do not want to shorten the power cable for my tablet, as I want to use my tablet outside of the photo-booth.I made a table top photo-booth to use at my kids' school carnivals a while ago.I also built curtains out of pvc and material (unfortunately, i do not have pictures of that).The printer does need to be taken out of the case when in use, as there is a paper tray that attaches to the printer.

In one of the pictures, you will see the transformer for the cheap speakers.The power strip, speakers and transformer fit nicely behind the divider I made. Every time I added more electronics to the photo-booth, all of these wires would suddenly appear.I had to figure out how to accommodate for all of the power bricks and other wires I did not want to cut and customize.The problem was that the photo-booth was to big and heavy to carry around every time I wanted to use it.I decided it was time to build a portable photo-booth in a suitcase to make my life easier. Before I started cutting, I dry fit my components to make sure things would fit correctly.

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