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The same thing happened yesterday in updating the map for the Drive Luxe 50, so I manually rebooted that after the software update. The workaround is okay so I am not interested in fixing the basic problem. I am still getting the full NA map in internal storage on the 3597's with about 120 MB free space left.

I have 32 GB micro SD cards in both of them, but with the 2020.10 update, the SD cards were not used.

Garmin Express fails to perform the reboot, so I have learned to disconnect the nuvi from the computer and do the reboot manually.

Then connect it again and proceed with the map update. Remember that, if you feel that the map has not been installed properly, you can reinstall it again without any problem.

There are several ways you can easily update Garmin Nuvi.

Now I just apply the firmware update first, disconnect the unit, do a full power off and restart, the update will apply, then fully shut the unit down and reconnect to GE. We should wait until the software has been loaded into the GPS before it is disconnected from the computer. If it is disconnected while the software download is going on, there is the possibility the GPS could be bricked.On the other hand, it is very easy to find Garmin GPS update for 2019 models as they carry the advanced software.Garmin Express also provide Garmin map updates for free download for 2019 models.Maybe it is time to send it in to the Garmin mother ship for tune up! Fired it up and ran a route simulation and it displayed no problems.I updated maps on my Drivesmart 61-lmt without any issues then I started map installs on Nuvicam, it was going well then near the end it gave error message that map install failed.

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Whether you have a Garmin 2019 model or a latest Garmin Nuvi or even a Garmin Topo, we got you covered all around.

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