Updating mx records in the dns

After updating a zone to add a MX record I checked Google's server to see if it would pick it up.

It picked up the new SOA serial number but still cached the old MX record.

So about 2 weeks ago we changed it to an A-record to fix the problem.

It seems all major DNS services (like Open DNS and ISPs) have synced their records and are returning correct results on our DNS queries.

I suspect that Google's caching method caches individual records that don't get flushed when the zone serial number changes.

If you're having trouble with the steps in this article, additional assistance is available via Cloud Tech, our premium services division. NET designated as your nameservers with your registrar.

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For more information on what Cloud Tech can do for you, please click here. For your changes to be effective, you must have NS1. It is also possible to edit your zone file here, in anticipation of an upcoming change, to using (mt) Media Temple's nameservers even if you don't currently use them for your domain. NOTE: Any changes to your DNS zone file will need to propagate across the Internet.Visit Stack Exchange We are currently losing some e-mail and we discovered that this is caused by a wrong DNS setting.We used a CNAME for our MX record an thats not allowed.A zone file is a small set of instructions for resolving the specified Internet domain name to the appropriate number form of an Internet Protocol (IP) address. As a general rule, we recommend to allow 24-48 hours for DNS propagation.These instructions reside in a file on the server that administers the site. Read below on how to lower your TTL value for a smooth transition.

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So I changed to an A-record waited for all DNS servers to get in sync and everything is working as expected now. This could easily be tested by logging into some of your servers and performing a query on the same IP-address there.

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