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This is a good opportunity to discuss context in our Intelli Sense engine.The Intelli Sense engine provides accurate results by always having as correct a view as possible of the source file being compiled.This blog post will be focused on what to do when you’ve followed those steps and things still aren’t working for you.

I have previously written a blog post on the PCH model and how to configure it within the IDE: If you are unable to find a code workaround for your problems, there is one further stopgap measure that can help: the compiler macro , which is only defined when using the Intelli Sense compiler.You can use this macro to guard code the Intelli Sense compiler does not understand, or use it to toggle between the build and Intelli Sense compiler.In previous releases of Visual C , header files were only parsed by the Intelli Sense parser and included in the NCB once, based on the single context they were compiled in.An older post by Jim Springfield discusses this so-called “multi-mod” problem in greater detail.

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