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A very extensive list of search engines can be found at the Mycroft Project.

Also, you can use the add-to-searchbar extension to add a search to your search bar from any web site, by simply right clicking on the site's search field and selecting Add to Search Bar...

To enable spell checking for a specific language right click on any text field and check the Check Spelling box.

You may have to change the order of preferred language for displaying pages in to make the spell check default to the language of the addon dictionary.

Certain users, such as those who have set a Master Password, might require extra steps.

Please see Firefox's official support page for more information.

In order to create a system-wide configuration, follow the steps outlined in Locking preferences: 1. Go to You Tube's HTML5 page, video-test page or audio-test page to check which formats are actually supported.

HTML5 DRM playback is supported by the Google Widevine CDM, it is however not enabled by default.

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