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Let’s say we have an e-Commerce app and we want to model a product on Mongo DB with atomic operations.We can do something like this: In the above document, we have created a model, embedded document.The atomic operations in database terminology is a chained and sophisticated database operations series.In this series, either all aspects of the series will be affected, or nothing will be altered.We can explain atomic operations in Mongo DB clearly with the use of ACID, a.k.a. We should maintain atomicity in Mongo DB by compiling all the related information in a single document, which will update consistently.We can create such type of consistency via embedded documents.There are various Mongo DB update methods for updating documents in a collection, whether it’s for one document, multiple, or all documents.In Studio 3T, the In-Place Data Editing feature takes care of most updates to a single document.

If the system finds such a thing, we activate the subtraction function and deduct 1 in the item_available field.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we will go deep into atomic operations, its use, and how you can apply it to your projects.

Before moving forward to checking out how we can apply atomic operations in Mongo DB, we will be looking at some of the critical points that you need to keep in your mind in regards to Mongo DB: If you want to jump into the No SQL database, you should consider Mongo DB certification.

There are some instances in the real world where we need to maintain our database in this manner.

In the latter part of this article, we will discuss more in depth about it.

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In the case of availability, we will subtract the field by 1.

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