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When you turn on your computer, the BIOS activates the hardware and enables the interaction of the operating system and the hardware and hardware.

The BIOS stores the information about your boot devices, boot sequence whether you are booting from the harddrive, network or flash drive.

It should theoretically run without any problems and you can run it in Ubuntu.

Please visit their page for more information, there are precise instructions there: First, I would not update the BIOS unless there is a specific problem that requires a BIOS update to fix (such as activation of Virtualization technology).

If you are lucky your computer manufacturer bundled one with your box.

Checking dates on unofficial Dell support web sites suggests that this may also apply to other Dell models since 2010 or even earlier.

The first step is to get information about your current system.

In Ubuntu you can check the BIOS version with the following two commands: You need information about your computer's hardware when querying the manufacturer's website.

For Dell this is often printed somewhere on the underside in the form of a Service Tag and an Express Service Code.

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So far so good, but you will notice that the download is a Windows executable.

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