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One thing I don't under stand is the error log says "Error looking up row in database" but this is a Insert/Update.

I even tried setting "Don't perform and updates" since I am only trying to insert now.

Hi desperado, you need to indicate to kettle that you want to use a clob instead of a normal string.

The way is to set the field lenght to 9999999 (for example in Excel Input step) :-) and kettle will consider this field to a clob when targeting database.

The code above works just fine so long as v_query Answer: You may want to use a CLOB datatype for this.

String literals in SQL are limited to 4000 characters.

I am stuck on this transform since the table has a clob and I can't figure out how to make kettle work with them.

The last suggested fix I haven't tried is breaking down the large value into a varchar2s and passing it into DBMS_SQL. The basic problem is the following: This code returns the error "ORA-01704: string literal too long".One field in EO and three in the Community Characterization tables (COMM_CAG, COMM_CAN, COMM_CAS, and COMM_CAL) were lengthened from 4000 characters to unlimited data in Biotics 5.5, which means the Oracle datatype changed from VARCHAR2 to CLOB.They are: EO: DIRECTIONS COMM_CAx: L_/G_/N_/S_ENVIRONMENTAL_SUM L_/G_/N_/S_VEGETATION_SUM L_G_/N_/S_DYNAMIC_PROCESSES_SUM Your data in these fields was not affected, however, any Crystal Reports which reference these fields will need to be updated.I tried selecting from one database which has values in it and inserting into another empty database and I am getting the same issue.So now my transform uses a table input selecting a CLOB and inserting into the same table in another database with same schema but empty and I still get this error. This might not help a bit, but just to start simple, are you using the latest JDBC (ojdbc14orai18n.jar)?

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I've declared my string variable being executed as a VARCHAR2(32767).

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