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After a first look Greenkeeper looks better in general IMO and has better integration.node -e "const pk = JSON.parse(require('fs')File Sync('package.json', 'utf-8'));require('child_process').spawn('npm', ['install', ...This means it could update to an unstable alpha build. My group used this tool and it worked effectively by installing the stable updates.As Etienne stated above: install and run with this: I really like how npm-upgrade works.I pulled out a project the other day and it wouldn't run because my deps were all out of date/updated/a mess.

$ npm update # OR # Install and use the `npm-check-updates` package.The following dependency is satisfied by its declared version range, but the installed version is behind.You can install the latest version without modifying your package file by using npm update.On the other hand, if you're working in a more mature project, you probably want to verify that there are no breaking changes in your dependencies before upgrading.To see which modules are outdated, just run Be sure to shrinkwrap your deps, or you may wind up with a dead project.

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If you want to update the dependency in your package file anyway, run ncu -a.

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