Types of online dating

Nobody knows the benefits of using online dating and hookup sites more than us.However, it can be interesting — and at times funny — to think about all of the different personalities that one bumps into while searching for a match. Usually, their profile picture will consist of some random selfie that they took of themselves in which little to no care was taken with their appearance.

If after reading this you are smiling right now, chances are that you have personally bumped into one or several of the personality types that we described above.

They will lie about where they went to school, their job position, where they live, their age, their weight — the list is endless.

During online or in-person conversations they will continuously drop names of people who they probably have never met, spin tall tales about what they’ve done and what they can do — even worse — they may start to deride the people immediately around them.

They will keep their part of the conversation limited to one- or two-word answers combined with streams of emojis.

Unless you happen to be one of those people who believe that it is their mission in life to “fix” other people, it is best to move on when you come across a self-loather.

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