True love dating sim walkthrough

The choices (such as pleasure, sports, study, etc.) determine what events will occur during the day (if any), and also raise the character's skills in the selected category.

Different girls in the game (there are ten of them) have different interests, goals, and preferences.

True Love '95 Guide v1.9 ======================== By Incinerator ([email protected]) COPYRIGHT 1999,2000,2001 PERMISSION NOT GRANTED FOR REPRINT EXCEPT FOR PERSONAL USE This IS NOT a walkthrough. * Mikae Morikawa and Remi Himekawa are opposites (ie: you could only get one but not the other in one run...

It is designed to give pointers for the game and present the main areas where you can score 'points' with the girls. then again, there's Vendetta's walkthrough, which is really well prepared so you can get both... Remi Himekawa * one of the more straight-forward characters. * July 8: run into Remi at school * July 10: run into Remi at school, get ranted at by Kameo * Around July 12: run into Remi at school (rock scissors paper) (I got this one on July 11 for some reason). * August 17: date with Remi (at library) during daytime (DON'T FORGET).

Clicking on one of the links below will give you information that could possibly spoil or ruin or otherwise make the game less fun.

Once you've seen how to cheat, it's hard to forget.

Think of this as a 'recipe' for getting the girl you're interest in =). Table of Contents ==================== 0.5 Quick Questions FAQ 1. * July 16: run into Remi during daytime (~5pm) * July 21 to July 23: talk with Remi after school, choose walk home together. If you have the rabbit pendant, she'll ask about the pendant. Say 'don't worry, I've just arrived too' and DON'T say 'love hotel' in the next choice. ) * September 17: you ask for a date with Remi, but she says only if your marks are good (ie: no.1).

Every day, when the main character wakes up, the player can plan the schedule for morning, afternoon, and evening.

All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.

True Love is a Japanese bishōjo eroge, developed by Software House Parsley, and released by CD Brothers.

A short visual novel about three and a half "love stories" starring a gay alien boy named Kale, whose matchmaking roommate Sugar is determined to help him find true love.

But when Sugar's a cupid with his own agenda and all Kale's potential soulmates are under a spell, can love really be all that true?

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Now you can see all pics in the CG room and everything is set to 100%.

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