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The most positive elements of this site are found in the variety of its features, which allow paying members to email, send instant messages, chat on web cams or even go on virtual dates in which you choose an avatar and meet other avatars in bars, restaurants, night clubs and so on.It’s a unique approach and certainly adds a sense of adventure to proceedings. Firstly, we are not convinced that the membership options offer good value for money.One other thing does better than other dating sites is provide you with help.

But the founders of the site understand that sex is a big part of a relationship, so they encourage members to explore their sexual side.

is an increasingly popular dating site, just not the best we’ve seen.

It doesn’t have many unique features – it’s very plain.

This is in contrast to the top ranking dating sites, such as and Friend, which allow free members to reply to emails sent by paid members.

Those sites prevent free members from initiating contact with anyone but allow them to reply, thereby satisfying members who have already paid up for unrestricted access.

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