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Houston’s been gaining traction as an actually cool place to visit for a couple of years now, and as a Houstonian, it’s YOUR job to keep that reputation alive and valid.

Sure, you can take a three-hour tram tour of the Johnson Space Center or spend all day checking out the city’s many, many museums, but we’re pretty sure your friend is never coming back if that’s all you do.

In Midtown, Axelrad Beer Garden is the kind of place you actually can hang out all day because you’ll probably fall asleep in one of the garden’s many nap-inducing hammocks.

When you wake up, grab a slice from the neighboring Luigi’s Pizzeria.

In the off-season, a picnic at Downtown’s urban park, Discovery Green, is another smart choice.

It’s kind of like teaching them how to dougie, but way cooler.

While Houston is known for its sprawl, that’s not the case Downtown, where inviting drinking establishments sit so close together, we’re surprised there haven’t been any turf wars.

See how nicely the bars play together by embarking on a DIY bar crawl, starting with drinks for a cause at OKRA Charity Saloon, hopping your way to expertly crafted libations at Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirits Lodge, mezcal-laced cocktails at The Pastry War, whiskey shots at Boots 'n Shoots, and circling back to end the night with dancing at Nightingale Room or weirdness at notsuo H, because those are the only ways to end the night. Show guests how Houstonians really live by chillin' out at the city’s most laid-back watering holes ALL DAY LONG.

Ranging in price from “free as hell” to “hope you got paid today,” here’s the coolest stuff H-Town has to offer.Instead, take ‘em out to some of our best restaurants to show off Houston’s culinary prowess…and then go to some of our best bars, where they’ll surely forget the names of our best restaurants.Pair a Hopston IPA with some smothered elote fries from Eatsie Boys.Once you’ve conquered those, expand your sudsy horizons at your choice of microbrewery, including spots like Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co, Brash Brewing, Eureka Heights or Under the Radar.

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