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Thousand Arms is unusual in that it seems to have one on one fights. I am the worst at finding places on jrpg overworlds. I don't even know what that's meant to be, but it's standing between me and my minerals. I can use my weapon, or a potion, or maybe even defend if I want to stand still for a turn.All the other enemies line up and politely wait their turn to step up when I've defeated this one. Simple directions are no match for my skill at going entirely the wrong way. I don't want to show it where my save menu is, it might start eating my save games or something. There's probably a trick to using it at the right time to block his super attacks or something else I'm not seeing, but the only trick I'm using is having an inventory full of potions.

I feel like I should be giving this a 'not crap' award, even though I don't much want to keep playing.

The camera panned across the left then swung around for a close up of Meis' dad.

With his little tiny sprite replaced with a giant sized animated portrait. Meis confronts his dad about the invaders about to storm their lands and asks him why he's not gathering weapons and soldiers to fight them off. There are too many desirable women out there waiting for him for him to die apparently.

They've let me off the rails a bit and I can go explore. This shop at least sells stuff that isn't gifts for girls, (though really healing potions are the perfect gift for anyone), so I grab some supplies and head out.

A Final Fantasy style world map generally means random battles.

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I'm starting to get the feeling I should have brought more health potions. Systematically cross every river, search every inch of this land. These graphics look pretty terrible in screenshots, but they do look better in motion. Meis returns to the spirit blacksmith to get his sword fixed, and finds that blacksmiths are basically rock stars in this world.

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