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It resolves the questions fans have had for the past year or so while subtly sliding in new, nebulous, and increasingly nefarious threats like the Janus Order and the mysterious Pale Lady.

The early episodes also make good on the spectre of Gunmar (Clancy Brown), bringing him into the flesh substantially for the first time.

I’ll neither confirm nor deny Jim’s return from the Darklands, but I’ll say that the events of those first five episodes heavily impact what comes afterwards.

The middle section of this season, Episodes 5 – 11, are where the creative team really hit their stride; their confidence in the material (and in their fanbase) is clear since they take increasingly bold chances with the storytelling style.

Chef, die wieder aufgenommen ist, befiehlt Bridget, einer Küchenhilfe, auf die Trolls in ihrem Zimmer aufzupassen.

Poppy und Branch folgen ihr und befreien die anderen, werden jedoch bemerkt.

Auf dem Weg dorthin begegnen sie Guy Cloud, einer ziemlich komischen Wolke, die Branch in den Wahnsinn treibt.Sie finden heraus, dass Bridget schon lange in König Gristle verliebt ist.Die Trolls versprechen, ihr ein Date mit ihm zu organisieren und dafür bringt Bridget sie nahe genug an König Gristle heran, damit sie Creek retten können.Episodes 1-5 form up around the paired journeys of Jim’s attempt to locate and rescue Enrique in the vast and dangerous maze that is the Darklands, and his friends’ attempt to restore contact with Jim from the outside world.Complicating these efforts are both the machinations of Gunmar’s cronies within the Darklands–led by Mark Hamill‘s character, a new and clever addition to the cast of characters–and the paranoid, reactionary decisions of the trolls’ tribunal–their council of elders, led by Vendel (Victor Raider-Wexler) and newcomer Queen Usurna, wonderfully voiced by Anjelica Huston–which aim to destroy Killahead Bridge once and for all, trapping their allies and enemies within the Darklands. (Fred Tatasciore), whose stony status might not be so permanent after all…) This arc is a fantastic start to the season.

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Als der kleine Prinz Gristle jedoch die glücklichste Troll essen soll, Prinzessin Poppy, die damals noch ein Babytroll ist, fliehen die Trolls mitsamt König Peppy, Poppys Vater, durch einen Fluchttunnel.

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