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bills itself as "the largest online news show in the world, covering news, politics, pop culture and lifestyle." One would think that for the 'largest online news show' to break a story that includes charges that Joe Buck is gay and having an affair with NY Mets utility player Fernando Tatis that they'd bump up the production budget. TYT's proof: A) Jacki Bray says it is common knowledge in St. Bray may be in line for the worst performance by a, uh, speaker(? Certainly going to be in line for a slander lawsuit if Joe isn't gay.

C) Bray stumbles all over herself 'reporting' that Buck called Tom Brady 'dreamy' adding that Tony Gonzalez is a very good looking guy. )D) Bray then pulls some clip with Artie Lange where she claims he (Buck) 'says some very interesting comments.' Wow.

Now is when the shit gets tricky, this is the part in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise is hanging from the ceiling flipping through invisible laser beams.

People always shy away from potential mates that have baggage because that shit can be messy. Before I continue just a clarification on baggage, there are two types of baggage.

We have normal baggage; which is the residuals from a previous relationship, which with time can be stored away never to be seen again.

Then we have bad baggage; your new boo’s Crazy Ex, (who they think is harmless) that comes to peak in the windows at 3am.

Ummm that person’s still in battle, please pass on that soldier. The world only gave me one free love pass and I screwed it up?

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