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In the 2nd century, the spring was enclosed within a wooden barrel-vaulted structure that housed the caldarium (hot bath), tepidarium (warm bath), and frigidarium (cold bath).In March 2012 a hoard of 30,000 silver Roman coins, one of the largest discovered in Britain, was unearthed in an archaeological dig.Take a look at our events ranging from Match socials which include bowling, speed dating and cooking classes, and our Match nights where you can enjoy casual drinks with other singles at a local bar.Bath is in the valley of the River Avon, 97 miles (156 km) west of London and 11 miles (18 km) south-east of Bristol. The city became a spa with the Latin name Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") 60 AD when the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of the River Avon, although hot springs were known even before then. However, if you’ve just got unmarked stems and bowls you’re better off using this chart. If you have a maker’s mark you just need to look up when that producer was in business.A temple was constructed in AD 60–70, and a bathing complex was built up over the next 300 years.

The city has two universities – the University of Bath and Bath Spa University – with Bath College providing further education. and was dedicated to the goddess Sulis, whom the Romans identified with Minerva; the name Sulis continued to be used after the Roman invasion, appearing in the town's Roman name, Aquae Sulis (literally, "the waters of Sulis").

The tablets were written in Latin, and cursed people whom the writers felt had wronged them.

For example, if a citizen had his clothes stolen at the baths, he might write a curse, naming the suspects, on a tablet to be read by the goddess.

The Bath Foreign Hundred or Forinsecum covered the area outside the city and was later combined into the Bath Forum Hundred.

Wealthy merchants had no status within the hundred courts and formed guilds to gain influence.

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They built the first guildhall probably in the 13th century. The abbey church became derelict before being restored as the city's parish church in the Elizabethan era, when the city experienced a revival as a spa.

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