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I can proudly say that I haven't paid for a magazine subscription in more than ten years.

I get more than a dozen free subscriptions every month.

Kresh completed studies in herbal medicine and Jewish studies in Jerusalem.

Free magazines and magazine subscriptions are one of my favorite types of freebies because it's like getting a little present in the mail month after month.

Vintage magazines featuring celebrities, like Humphrey Bogart, and historical events, such as the first landing on the moon, have potential increased sales value.

Another potential draw for a collector is a magazine with an original story that was written by a famous author or one who became famous later.

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Study the prices of magazines that feature early mentions of individuals who became famous later.

This option will always be available, it may just be small and at the very bottom of the form.

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The Kaastor Magz database for magazine collectors also allows registered members to buy and sell magazines.

The prices listed on these sites will give you a standard of comparison but magazine prices, and prices of collectibles in general, are always changing. Magazines focusing on niche issues or hobbies will probably be of interest to groups intrigued by those same subjects.

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