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News that Simpson has “fallen hard and is smitten” with Corgan and they are “officially dating”.

Billy Corgan recalled that "after the first album, I became completely suicidal.The band generally denies this, with Corgan stating that he only performed a majority of the guitar work because he could lay them down in recording easier and with far fewer takes." is a technique in which a sound is recorded multiple times and the sounds are "layered" on top of one another so that they are played at the same time.It is the recording equivalent of an orchestra, except only one person is needed for the particular instrument to be layered. Pitchfork Media ranked it as the 18th best album of the 1990s.In this respect, the strategy failed, as Chamberlin quickly managed to find new connections and soon engulfed himself in the Atlanta underground drug culture and often was absent without any contact for days at a time."" was the first song written by Corgan for Siamese Dream.Corgan played the self-recorded demo to their producer, Butch Vig, and the band and received a positive reaction.

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