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Androwl, Ferguson, CLARENCE BTEAM from 3TEAM8HIPS, the bowels, »oom thtir PBN80N.-Mrs. Post Office, George and his at residence, of 38, native Youg,«gcd «tolland. SOURABAYA, BATAVIA, and SINGAPORE, with other and China. TEAM The TO MELBOURNE tho steamships diopatoh TROUTON, Manager. MACKA\,- 8\ or freight 3Ö0 lons, parité will «trrct orto STEAM close barque &c, W. Dawn iaidloyand Day Fail Wharf O of Ljime T Ihiofu few d4\s f COWLISH-VM ^ To load and Kel h CO R p L on luwig« SHOAI for me _ 1 wt Wt AND bo ir t R i.

mooloo, aged WATBOS.-August Woolloo- Crown-street, residence. grandfather's 13 aged 120, years Phillip months, 8 of Newtown, Euphomia Mary, Agnci West, aged U months. BRISBANE, und Passenger August, taking Mail», Goods, above port and also for Kuppel Bay, Bowen, Somerset, and Hongkong, Batavia, Singapore, ïhefaoilitioa for passengers on to by this route, getting or Boutera Ports from Singapore, any of tho European are «a the for 8th tho ; Townsville, u follow« steamer and weekly, frequent opportunities. DAY, or thoy STEAM the steam office of the not will bo and CO., BRISBANE, ROCKHAMPTON, TOWNSVILLE, COOKTOWN, PORT DARWIN.

Exohinmr BERNARD or Freight VESSELS for HONGKONG NAGASAKI either in SYDNEY FORVESSEL, PEN attend I and ISABEL apply on board ~A H Wanted, sails Co. For frtight apply on board, Market SHOATHA\ENIb ABLL s ula 10th J C~1 , Political and , ,^YDNEYn PRÔlnÏE8^IVB~^CIETYl)F~TAR I - LAl OLti V BFRNARD tor freight Wharf.

Strath'g : freight, i j and Bourke-street, - CLUB.-A General MEETING Of of Members th B above Club will toko place in thi Club MONDAY Room, Tattercal Ts Hotel.'-on EVENING, the week,'to' Augubt IO, and every, evening during trantact business for Hawkesbury Race Meeting. CHURCH, S"~" TATTERSALLS * will be held at from 1 I I ' will land, HR18TIAN CHAPEL, Elizabeth-street Southi^ Mr.

and ERÖSENE LAMPS.-The cheapest place in Sydnev for Lamps is at EA8TWAY, BROS., 417, Qioi-st. Y.-PAR very handsome French china Flower-pots Sets of 9 pieces, from 12s to 30s set. JAVA, and SINGAPORE The Steamship LEGISLATOR, 2100 tone, Robert Craig, commander, Under contract with tho Queensland will Government, be dispatched for - ., . MAIL against at the be presentid THIS noon by undertigncd reeotnizod. CHARTER-Wanted, for Foochow register, ELDRED I Woolnough, M. in connection with and HENDERSON, LEGISLATOR munt French CO., Agento. Wells, THIS PARADE, DAY, Darlinghurst, officers undress, C. X7 \ the in Sydney 202, George-street Arrows, Guinea, ^î*1* FUhhook Tyou ORDERS JOHNSON, ull be had 183, bought Pitt-st. EASTWAY, BBOB"'4I7, to all Earrings, at reduced Cruets, la Teapots, fresh you want 417, just good has CIGARS THEWHEELER'S, SPEARS, and Fiji, . S.v0*N Qu ABlz im trewin.; Experiment, opened some fo/Opo.-st. ORDER for BALK; Galloway-street, Morning, FAHEY two and (aught by One guinea per PIANOFORTE quarter.

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