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The relationship between Twitter and Breaking Bad has been an odd phenomenon to watch.

After a while it seemed like Breaking Bad’s reception on Twitter, or maybe netwide, took on a life of its own.

I want everyone to just get along under the same premise that we are all friends of the bride.

So I go into mediator mode and have to hear and monitor the backlash from both sides.

IF…that’s a big IF, I get married, rest assured, these brides will be in my wedding and will have to wear the dress that I wore on their day…LOL It’s only fair, right?

Whether he’s the one for your or not, at this point in our lives, if we aren’t married, we date.

Again, he outta not been so arrogant, because he didn’t have me yet.

Guess who showed up to my office….multiple times…kinds scary!

He told me he was divorced, but didn’t know I knew a mutual friend who put me on game.This fool accidentally sent it to me instead of his brother…..Yep, he told me we weren’t on the same page and I dismissed him and told him that we weren’t even in the same book.Dub Leave a comment | tags: #alliwantis, #thisdateisover, #whenyoursingle, #Will Get You Slapped, #youkilledthemood, kisses, national kissing day, quality time with your mate, the art of kissing, twitter hashtags, twitter trends, what not to do in kissing | posted in Uncategorized So I’m kinda dating….well, aren’t we all kinda seeing someone?It is truly a production for everyone else’s enjoyment.

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Dealing with all the other bridesmaids personalities and their seemingly difficult attitudes makes my stomach hurt.

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