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Why should I contact them to hear again when they already supplied their side of the story? Of course, proudly I worked with him (Kwankwaso) and so what?

In spite of my profession, whoever reads mass communication read some aspect of public relations.

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In view of that, in order to clear doubts, I released the second one, which contains the composition. For me, I believe it is true, really, but anything that is not proven by a court of law is refutable; you can dispute it. Have you read the story I published without balance in it?

You can hear the contractor telling the governor, ‘You can just get up and take the money’, and so on. So, in the case of law, it is still an allegation, but in the public court, any right-thinking person knows. When you go to a press conference sometimes, we will be invited for the newsmakers to clear the air or explain certain grey areas.

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From the salt pans of Sossusvlei to the shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast, Namibia is known for some of the most remote, inhospitable places on earth.

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