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If you don’t mind a cigarette or a pipe in your date’s teeth or if you are a smoker too, you will feel absolutely at home in the Smoker dating section of Live After signing up for our free Smoker dating service you will be able to meet other tolerant or smoking singles who will never give you a disapproving look. We have many single ladies opting for online romance and smoker dating, so your chances to build a happy online relationship that will grow into true love are as high as ever. Avail yourself of the unrestricted access to our expanding international directory of smoking singles and a variety of free dating services like an online matchmaker, an instant messager, and live video chat. This region has the lowest number of smokers than any other region.In this nonsmoking region, 50 percent of respondents said they would break up with a smoker.You can search for single smokers living in the USA, UK and many more countries and get informed about newly registered girls who come to try free online smoker dating.

It’s no secret nonsmokers would prefer not to be in the immediate vicinity of smoke.Over 10 percent of men who smoke wouldn’t get seriously involved with another smoker, which is almost twice that of smoking women who refuse to date other smokers. A large majority of participants said smokers were addicted.Additionally, only sixteen percent of women and twenty-one percent of men thought smoking was on trend."The survey found 56 percent of non-smokers would ask their partners to quit smoking, and more than half of smokers would consider quitting for their partner."Dr. Nides also suggests visiting We Heart for help with this very situation.

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No thanks."Other stats from the survey: 57 percent of respondents said they would "never" date someone who smokes; and when asked about dealbreaker moves on a first date (AKA actions that are unacceptable on a first date), more people voted for taking a smoke break than constant phone-checking or being late."We are all educated about the ill effects of smoking on our health, but this data drives home the fact that smoking can affect your dating and relationships," relationship expert Bela Gandhi told SELF.

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