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On August 14, 2013, Hart pled no contest in Hillsdale County Circuit Court and was sentenced to probation and 0 in costs.Five months later, on January 23, 2014, Hillsdale police again arrested Hart for failing to register.We also offer counseling for teenagers ages 14 and above who have been victims of dating violence or sexual assault.Parent or guardian permission is required for all supportive counseling.GROUP COUNSELING LEGAL ADVOCACYProviding advocacy and supportive services before and after the criminal justice process including help with the preparation of a personal protection order.Help is available for advocacy within the court system and law enforcement.On July 5, 2013, 29-year-old Anthony Hart, who was homeless, registered as a sex offender in Hillsdale, Michigan.

In August 2015—more than a year later—prison officials discovered that Hart had not been required to register as a sex offender since July 2011.As a result, when the law was enacted that eliminated the registration requirement for offenders adjudicated as juveniles, Hart was not identified as someone who no longer had to register.On August 25, 2015, Judge Smith signed an order vacating and dismissing Hart’s 2014 conviction based on a joint motion from Hart’s defense attorney and the Hillsdale County Prosecutor’s office. When you are going through struggles, it is helpful to know you are not alone.Support groups provide non-professional peer support to build coping skills, problem solving skills and a greater sense of community.

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