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Only thing I don't like is that there was not much time, if any, separating first class and coach boarding.

By the time premium was call and I walked over, they were letting everyone through. Pros: Nothing Cons: The flight got delayed 2 hours and then they reversed their decision and it got delayed back to 1 hour almost making me miss my flight. Pros: Crew was fantastic, and most everything went well.

For Kansas City to Atlanta, Saturday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Friday is the most expensive.

Flying from Atlanta back to Kansas City, the best deals are generally found on Saturday, with Wednesday being the most expensive.

Made the mistake of not eating before and was silly to be expecting more from a discount airline I guess.this one kept getting pushed back until we were leaving over three hours late.The seats were extremely uncomfortable Cons: Exorbitant bag fees, and a “check-in fee” for EACH leg of the trip, when it was clearly stated on all printed flight info that “this flight is not eligible for online check-in”? 5 for bags & 0 to check-in original fare = as much as I would have paid on a more reputable airline.Left on time and arrived 20 min early Cons: It was a 6 pm take off and the only food available for purchase was a “snack pack”.A tiny piece of beef jerky with crackers, cheese, and 10 Chocolate covered blueberries for .00.

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