Script for validating online forms

accepts the three variables (method, value, target) in POST format and uses them to generate an appropriate response in XML format.

We won't go into the details of how the script actually does this as that's been covered elsewhere (see links below).

The on Submit handler for the form requires also that a value be entered in all fields before the form can be submitted.

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by Christopher Heng, Many websites, like, have a feedback form of some sort so that visitors can make comments to the webmasters.

If you have such a form on your site, I'm sure that from time to time, you would have received the results of your form with some essential field (like the email address or the visitor's name, or even the feedback itself) omitted. One way around it is to validate the essential fields with a simple Java Script.

These elements can then be referenced in the XML file that is returned by the Ajax call.

The 'empty comment" in the DIV is just a place-holder - required in some older browsers when a DIV is empty, but needs later to be referenced by a script.

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My feeling is that this article already describes how to generate the XMLHttp Request (Ajax) request, passing GET or POST variables to a server-side script using our Java Script class, and the related article referred to above provides a complementary PHP class for generating XML responses, so really all that's left is basic programming to process the incoming variables and generate the relevant XML response.

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