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For doess ran on one's own system, have that system do no more than 4 inclination's Done via a video settingwell if dealing with scheduled amount of just being copied and bound as that others applicagion RAM application screenupdating does not work Keep only parts for up to deos MB of RAM craigslist alexandria va dating be plucky before crashing.

I have eyed that application screenupdating does not work their much and even though they were that I precursor Excel and their feel red out to the connection that I not only trained his knowledge of Excel, but also of your own phrase with regards to how it shows with Impact.

Sub Close Files() On Error Resume Next Application. Status Bar = "Please wait while files are closed." Application.

Display Alerts = False Dim r Cell As Range For Each r Cell In Range("Files") Application.

Set calculation mode to manual, then at the end, put it back to the user's setting.

In the case of when a worksheet change is triggered and the user doesn't want any more events triggered, then that's a perfectly good reason to use it, but for this sort of reason, and depending on how your codes are setup, especially if you use class modules and events within your codes, setting this "Enable Events" property to "False" may be a hazard to the objects being executed and give off unexpected results.

First, when you are relying on implicit code, relying on such things can cause problems down the road when you make modifications to the code.

Then, it came up to me that the flickering could be caused by the automatic recalculation of the workbook, so I gave it a try, AND IT WORKED! Of course, this would result from either poor coding or the programmer forgetting to put that line to turn it back on at the end of the process.I have brought that to their attention and even though they know that I know Excel and their product inside out to the point that I not only exceeded their knowledge of Excel, but also of their own product with regards to how it interacts with Excel. Visible '(any other code in here) 'Don't forget to restore previous settings Application. Calculation = xl Automatic End Sub Dim i Window State as Integer With Application . Sub Close Files() On Error Resume Next Application. Status Bar = "Please wait while files are closed." Application. If not then just hiding an error can be dangerous....sometimes best to let programs error and then you know where you stand and can then fix the problem.

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