Schizophrenia dating someone

In terms of the total number of homicides there are other risk factors at work which are much more influential.

Studies have found that in cases of dangerousness, it is the delusions that are usually more influential in causing the dangerous behaviour than the hallucinations.Scroll down to Step 1 to find out how you can make your their life, and yours, as comfortable as possible.Taking care of someone with a mental disease can be challenging and can have a big impact on your life.When a person with schizophrenia abuses alcohol or street drugs their risk of engaging in dangerous behaviour increases fifteen fold.Whilst suicide is by far the larger component of the total mortality figure for schizophrenia, the other part is the very much smaller but equally as tragic figure for homicide.

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This is undoubtedly fed and reinforced by rancorous and ill-informed media reporting of the subject.

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