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When we relax into nurturing touch, it can provide us with a sense of healing, peace, relaxation, and comfort.(He/Him) In a my perfect world, we would greet and treat friends, family, and strangers as equals, embracing and honoring their individuality, beliefs, and personal journey. I love to share REAL human connection without judgment or obligation.

In that world, intentional touch would be commonplace, and accepted as a normal condition of our existence. And I Delight in sharing the transformative power of emotional intimacy and nurturing touch! For the last 17 years, my life has been about physically touching people.

Cecelia is an Integrative Health Coach and is on the way to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. Do you need practice speaking up for what you need?

Cuddling is the part of her journey that allows her to aid in the health and happiness of others, while pursuing her purpose as a humanitarian. With her, you'll be able to escape reality for a moment and enter into a space that allows you to Just BE present, fully and completely. My passion in life is to empower others--through the power of music, through the power of touch, and through the power of explicitly honest communication with ourselves and with others. Are you feeling it’s time to communicate your intimacy boundaries without fear, guilt or shame? I know it to be true that there are few things more life affirming than holding and being held by another. My practice is centered around connecting with you in a deep, meaningful way.

Michelle's driving force in life is to connect with people in a way that makes them feel seen, heard and held with love.

A perfect combination of attentive touch and a good listener, mixed with a good dose of relaxation. My specialty is helping others unwind and relax and reclaim peace, clarity, self-love and wellness through therapeutic professional touch and the blissful art of cuddling. It doesn’t matter what is your situation, if you have difficulties of closeness, hard time touching and being touched, if you have no one to exchange touch with, or if your partner’s touch somehow doesn’t fulfill you. This means that I love to make it easy for all of us to find deeper levels of self acceptance by creating a safe space for learning and connection.

We live in bodies that need simple healthy touch and affection and societies which makes make that so hard to find. My go-to tools for this healing journey are the power of nature, the magic of the breath, touch, stories and trusting our innermost feelings.

I am a cuddly truth-seeker who loves connecting skin-to-skin and soul-to-soul. I have been blessed with an appreciation, affection, and attraction to everyone based on their desire for transformation.

Hi, I’m Elle and I’m a bodyworker and coach specializing in the art of intimacy, embodiment, and healing touch.

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