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After Matthew discovered Sadie was responsible for the show home collapse (which tragically claimed the lives of several Emmerdale residents and left his brother Jimmy partially paralysed), he was furious.Furthermore, Matthew discovered that in the wreckage following the disaster, Sadie had hit Jimmy over the head with a brick.Director: Declan O'Dwyer Canteen girl Ronnie confides in Jez that she is only working there in the hope of getting noticed.

See full summary » Director: Declan O'Dwyer Claudine tries to break up Danny and Lauren by sabotaging their three-month anniversary celebrations.

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Musical drama created by Arlene Phillips and David Ian, following a bunch group of super-talented students at a performing arts school as they chase their dreams of stardom. See full summary » Director: Brian Grant Kira's excited to get the chance of a lifetime when an agent signs her and wants to help her get her big break!

Matthew's heartless nature was shown when Carl was involved in the accidental death of postman Paul Marsden.

Having moved the body and covered up Carl's involvement, Matthew conned Paul's widow Siobhan into selling him the cottage at a knockdown price. At the funeral of one of Tom's closest friends, Matthew bedded the deceased's daughter before using squeeze Sian to make his next conquest Louise Appleton jealous.

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