Safe dating for firsttimers

So channel your “inside” voice or grab a good book and generally shhhh.

I will never forget the Japanese intern we had at my company in Australia (pre our blogging life) who brought this cultural difference so vividly to my attention.

Having lived in Tokyo for several years now, we've witnessed the reactions of first-time visitors to Japan more times than we can count.

With Japan high up on many traveller's wish lists, we have a steady string of friends coming to visit and our photo walk events allow us to regularly meet new people, many of whom have just arrived and looking to make new friends.

In this way, each time you put your trash out, you are paying a little something for it and it is expected that each member of society takes individual responsibility for what they consume.

As a tourist, you'll have the benefit of having your hotel or accommodation take care of this for you, but be prepared to carry your trash around all day with you until you return!

While convenience stores are usually your best bet, many (especially in major tourist spots) have opted to move them inside for use by customers only or have removed them entirely so they are not inundated with the responsibility of disposing large amounts of waste, collection of which, by the way, is not free or fully covered by taxes. So you can quickly see why a business in the centre of town doesn't want to spend all day bagging garbage and then paying for the privilege. They take their trash home with them and dispose of it there, where they must place their garbage in special plastic bags you buy from the local supermarket or convenience store.Actually one person asked us, “Do foreigners have really poor eyesight? And while Japan has changed us in many ways, this is a habit that we don't wish to break.This might seem like a bizarre point to put on a list of “surprising” things for visitors in Japan.This is one of the first things most visitors notice when they arrive in Japan. It's almost funny that this is one of the first impressions visitors have when there is so much to take in, but it's true.You don't realise how much you are used to having them around until you can't find one.

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Most first-time visitors have this image of what Japan is like in their minds and they generally surmise that since Japan is at the cutting edge of many of the latest technologies that electronic payment is an everyday occurrence. While credit cards can be used at some places like big hotels and major department stores, Japan is still very much a cash society.

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